Is there a minimum donation made to my school on my behalf?
Yes. Just by having an active merchant account with us, regardless of processing volume, means a minimum donation of $10 per month is made to your school.
How frequently are the donations made to my school?
We process a check for your school on your behalf once a month unless the check is less than our minimum of $25, in which case we let your account accrue until that minimum is met. So, even if you are at the minimum of $10 earned per month, a donation would be made at least once a quarter to your school on your behalf.
Does my school know that the donation was made on my behalf?
Yes. When donation funds are sent to your school, also included is a statement listing the donor’s name, donation amount, and the donor’s contact information.
Do I get a statement telling me how much was donated to my school on my behalf?
Yes. You will receive an email statement each time a donation is sent on your behalf to your school.
How is my donation amount calculated?
As an example, based on your current month's credit card processing, Alumni Merchant Services will take 10% of the proceeds that are calculated after the card associations, processors and banks are all paid for their work in this process and send that amount to the school or entity of your choice. One of our account representatives can explain all the calculations in detail with you upon your request.
As a business owner, what does this service cost?
AMS guarantees our fees will be equal to or better than your current merchant service fees, and there are no additional or hidden fees associated with AMS making school donations on your behalf. Our slogan “businesses save…schools win” is for real.
How do I know if my school is affiliated with Alumni Merchant Services?
We have relationships with some schools who are actively working with their alumni on this program, but such a relationship isn’t needed for a business owner to take advantage of this opportunity. We can make a donation to any school on your behalf.